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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ummm OK so it's been too long since my last post!

Winter has shown her lovely face.
 Allot has happened since my last post. We had another daughter, Jocelyne born Aug. 6th making 5 little lady's in my house. And yes I'm fixed now...LOL I have joined the realm of winter biking. My friend Bert Schuh got a used Puglsly last season and really liked it. He found himself riding it year round and more than his normal Mountain Bike.

We sell Surly Bikes at The Bike Shop In Gravenhurst and have ordered 5 Pugly's all together for this season. We are hoping to start a new fun activity for our Muskoka winters. I have wanted one of these Pugsly's with 3.7" tires since I first saw one. I ordered my 2011 back in July and impatiently waited till last week for it's arrival. When it showed up, I had fun building it up and tweaking it to have that "My" factor. Built on the Friday I could only take it on a small test ride as night comes earlier this time of year. Saturday my wife was away with her friend Christmas shopping so I was left to look after the girls and be a dad. Sunday would be the day for the first real ride. It had snowed the day the bike had arrived just for me I'm sure. My nephew Brandon ordered a Fatback straight from Speedway Cycles in Alaska and had been riding it for a couple weeks already. I can't get over how these bikes ride. They track surprisingly well considering the size of the tires. The float factor of the tires is a noticeable plus when compared to trying to ride in snow on a normal bike. Needless to say it's a different ride but none the less fun once you rap your mind around it. You can't help but smile when on this thing. We were into about 3-4 inches of fresh snow on the trail. It's a work out to get going but once your moving it's pretty fun. All the normal hard tail riding characteristics are passed over to riding these bikes. I can see allot of lake and trail rides in my future.

They ride quite normal on dry ground and trail. If you don't look down they feel quite normal. I plan on doing some rides at Buckwallow next season. If you are in the area and want to give one a shot just let me know and you are welcome to try mine. I will be posting about my rides more through the winter and hope to see you on the trails.

Have a great day and will post again soon.

Here are some shots so far.

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  1. Pug U Donnie, Pug U!!! ;)
    Nice blog man!!
    Now between your family and the "Fats" what ya gonna do?? Hee Hee
    Hey, have ya stopped smiling yet??

    Peace, Joboo