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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fat Bikes grow in Muskoka!

So December came and went with the normal craziness the Holidays bring with them. My friend Mike McLaughlin that owns Buckwallow Cycling Center got a surprize when a large number of his Season Pass Holders got together and get him a special Christmas present.

It all started with an e-mail from another friend Bert Schuh with an idea to buy Mike a Surly Pugsley. A bike he has always wanted but never had that extra cash to get. You see he spends so much time and energy making Buckwallow the great place it is. His patrons always tell him he doesn’t charge enough for what he offers. He won’t take money from allot of us that have been around since the beginning. So this was a great way to show our appreciation for all he does to make our rides so much fun. He doesn’t get enough time to ride in the summer as he would like. During the long hours of the winter he has lots of time to play. A snow bike is a perfect match for him. A bunch of emails and a few weeks later we had enough to buy Mike the bike and give him a gift certificate to spice it up to his liking. Our local shop The Bike Shop In Gravenhurst chipped in and sold it to us at cost. As they didn’t want to profit from this great idea.

So under the assumption he was invited to the shop to celebrate a party for friends and customers of the shop.  Dec. 23rd was the day and a large group of folks who were in on it were there to see the presentation to Mike. Who was still oblivious to the event that would unfold that night. Priceless, was the look on his face when he found out the event was for him. Mike is a quiet guy who does not like being put on the spot.

When it was wheeled out he was blown away to say the least. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

So now I have another person to explore with. There is actually now 5 fat bikes in Muskoka. Bert, Mike, Roy Davies of Bracebridge and myself all are proud Pugsley owners and Brandon McGregor bought an aluminum Fat Back from Alaska. He just has to be different. My Shop is the Surly dealer in this area and allot of people are interested in these fun bikes. It’s a simple machine that is well… “Blissful”. Fun just doesn’t fully describe it.

We have been on a number of rides ranging from 15 to 30km and every ride is as fun as the last. Hoping to see you out this winter doing what ever you fancy as an outdoor winter adventure.

Your riding buddy!






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  1. What an awesome idea you guys had!! That smile will never fade!!
    Pug U!!

    Peace, Joboo