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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's time for a club!!!!

 Allot has been going on in my life. I have been busy riding the winter trails and lakes on the Pugsley as well as building an Ice Bike to ride the lakes after a early thaw and refreeze left the lakes clear of most snow. The snow bike has really been a blast to ride and can't wait to get some summer rides in on it. 
Me playing on the kids snow hill.

A car full of Fat Bikes
Devils Gap

The ice bike cometh!

I have also been doing the ground work for starting a cycling club. I have meant allot of nice people and am taking steps to make this dream a reality. In 1900 Gravenhurst had a Cycling Club. This is the only known picture of the group.
I love the fact that there is 8 lady's and 7 men. Just an all around cool picture. I had originally thought of resurrecting The Gravenhurst Cycling Club. But after talking with some knowledgeable folks on dealing with the local area townships and districts regarding cycling specific ideas and topics. We would be hurting our cause by handcuffing ourselves to just Gravenhurst. The name Lakeland was thrown on the table and I agreed that with all the water surrounding us this name would be much better to approach people with. And with that Lakeland Cycling Club it will be.

Who we are!

The Lakeland Cycling Club executive body comes from a group of local cyclist that bring a wide range of knowledge in the sport. Together we share experience within the Racing, Promoting and Cycling Industry and are just all around Cycling Enthusiasts. The club will keep moving forward in an ongoing path to spread the pedaled word and remind people how much fun it is to ride a bicycle. Our goal is to promote safe riding and educate cyclists and motorists about sharing the road while having fun riding your bike.

It is our hope to offer something to all levels of cyclist, from the advanced racer to the bicycle commuter. Muskoka has an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, ready to be explored either on our wooded trails or our scenic roads. We want to offer education and experience to all who seek it and grow the cycling community in Muskoka.

I have allot of work ahead of me this summer, but I am so looking forward to it.
Get out there and ride.

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