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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Been riding a fat bike for 2 years now!

I road a surly Pugsley for the first 3 years. I loved that bike. It found a new home with a buddy of mine who still rides it all the time. I replaced it with a first generation Salsa Beargrease. A beautiful super light alloy frame set. And then upgraded to the first of it's king Carbon Salsa Beargrease that I'm been on for 2 seasons now.The Fat Bike became my bike of choice as I found myself being able to ride it in any condition. I love just exploring all the areas Muskoka and the surrounding area have to offer.
Last winter a couple other buddy's took our bikes to the Arrowhead Provincial Parkto check out the trails. A beautiful day for a spin around the lake.
Fast forward to this past summer and I built a set of 29+ wheels up and turned my fat bike into a rocket. Soooooo much fun.

Anyways cheers from the trail and hope you get out to play in the snow this winter.

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